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This article points out certain issues that end users often face with their email accounts. Subsequently, it also discusses some of the scenarios wherein the clients should call up the company’s customer service department to have the issues resolved.One of the most frustrating situation that end users face is inability to log in to one’s email account. Say for instance, one is unable to log in to one’s email account, yet it is essential to send a mail, or consider a scenario wherein all mail accounts of a company has been hacked into and none of the company employees are able to access their respective mail accounts.Hotmail Customer Care Number is provided by the support team for 24*7 hours.

According to Hotmail technical support team with the advances of Internet technology, the challenges of protecting email accounts from malware, spyware and other such intrusion signature have increased. Additionally, emails are one of the most secure methods of transferring information. Emails also serve the dual purpose of transferring and storing the information sent. Many Internet data mining companies opine that much information have been gathered from emails and even from defunct email accounts.

Nevertheless, if one is facing problems accessing one’s email account it is essential to place a call on the Hotmail customer care number. Some of the scenarios wherein the help of the technical support team is mandatory are as follows:

• Email account has been hacked in to: Usually, emails are sent through secure grids. However, one feels that the mailing system has been hacked in to then it is essential to inform the service provider. The company can then take security measures to stop the intrusion.

• Password recovery: Sometimes end users forget the password to an email ID or if the account has been hacked into then the password to the corresponding mail account changes. Herein it is essential to inform the service provider, so that a temporary password can be generated and the email account be reactivated.

• Configuration of the email account to a third party email client: If one is facing problems in configuring the mail on to a third party email client like Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple mail, then it is essential to acquire the help of the Hotmail Customer care number. They will be able to guide one through the configuration process.
Hence, choosing to acquire the help of the technical support team of the email service provider depends on the seriousness of the problem.

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